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Until about 1960, entering Bhutan could only be done on foot, and only then if you were willing to cross a swamp or a mountain range.

Bhutan has no Independence Day, because it has never been conquered, colonized, or overthrown. The result of this long history of cultural and political independence is a country with traditions and daily life that are like nothing else in the world.

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We love nothing more than getting to know you personally, and constructing a tour designed specifically to make your Bhutan adventure everything you're dreaming of. The more we know about you, the better we can advise you.

Druk Path Discovery Trek

Journey with us along the Druk Path, an ancient trading link between Paro and Thimphu that crosses a chain of remote mountains separating the two valleys.

Kingdom of the Clouds Tour

Gray Langur's Kingdom of the Clouds Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime, 13-day exploration through the jaw-dropping landscapes of Bhutan, where you'll see some of the Kingdom's most sacred sites, ancient monasteries, and imposing fortresses — and meet warm, open, and free-spirited Bhutanese people.

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Bhutan: A nation of firsts. Fiercely independent, the “Mountain Fortress of the Gods” has never been conquered, colonized, or overthrown, and voluntarily became a parliamentary democracy in 2006. This innovative “Land of Happiness” is also the first country to value Gross National Happiness (GNH) more than Gross National Product, as well as being world’s first and only carbon negative country.

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Bhutan’s government is very intentional about showing visitors the best of the Kingdom while ensuring, above all, that it’s a great place to live. That means it can be an exclusive tourist destination: the only way to go is with a registered tour group.

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