Hidden Land of Bhutan

Kingdom of the Clouds Tour

Oct 19 - Nov 1, 2017

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Journey Into The Last Surviving Great Himalayan Kingdom

Gray Langur's Kingdom of the Clouds Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime, all-inclusive, 14-day exploration of one of the world’s most culturally preserved, yet astonishingly forward-thinking countries.

Tourism in Bhutan is strictly controlled, and the Kingdom welcomes fewer visitors annually than England does in a weekend.

Availability is extremely limited, and this very special tour is a one-time experience.

Peak Experience: Laya

Gray Langur’s debut tour was designed to be the ultimate bucket list experience — taking guests deep into Bhutan’s hidden lands where we will explore both iconic and a remote regions of the mystical kingdom in the clouds, and have the opportunity to participate in Bhutanese ritual and culture that most travelers will never get to experience.

At the center of this unique adventure is an extraordinary trek into the remote highlands of Laya, Bhutan’s "hidden land." And we’ll arrive just in time to participate in one of the Kingdom’s most exciting celebrations, the second annual Royal Highlander Festival.

This immersive festival showcases the culture and customs of Bhutan’s Layap people, with the opportunity to take part in their traditional song and dance, cultural demonstrations, crafts, and sporting competitions.

This tour includes all meals, 4-5 star hotel accommodations, luxury camping, licensed guides and drivers, packhorses, round-trip flights between Bangkok and Paro, Bhutan, and more.

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The Gray Langur Mission: A High Value, Low Impact Partnership

Bhutan: A nation of firsts. Fiercely independent, the “Mountain Fortress of the Gods” has never been conquered, colonized, or overthrown, and voluntarily became a parliamentary democracy in 2006. This innovative “Land of Happiness” is also the first country to value Gross National Happiness (GNH) more than Gross National Product, as well as being world’s first and only carbon negative country.

Tshering Tashi: Director of Tours. "Tashi", as his friends call him, is a 15 year veteran of the Bhutan tour industry, with an unmatched passion and capacity to execute any itinerary even the most seasoned traveler could ever dream up, and an uncompromising love for his native Kingdom. Gray Langur is enormously privileged to have him as its partner-on-the-ground.

Gabriel Cubbage: Founder. From the very first moment the former CEO of AdBlock, and forever “digital nomad,” got off the plane at the wrong stop in India, got back on, and then got off again in Bhutan, he fell totally in love with it, and walked away from Silicon Valley to devote his life to Bhutan’s “high value, low impact” approach to sustainable development. He can’t wait to never go home.

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