About Gray Langur

Passion and possibility

From the very first moment Gabriel Cubbage, the former CEO of AdBlock, got off the plane in Bhutan, he fell totally in love with the Kingdom, and walked away from Silicon Valley to devote his life to Bhutan’s “high value, low impact” approach to sustainable development. He can’t wait to never go home.

Gray Langur was founded out of a sincere love for Bhutan, and the desire to share that with others. We want to show people the Bhutan we fell in love with, which sometimes lies a bit off the beaten path. We’ve partnered with experienced veterans of the Bhutan tour industry to create tour experiences that showcase Bhutan’s intentional juxtaposition of modern and traditional, of expected and unexpected.

You’ll experience it all; from iconic temples in the Himalayan cliffs to out-of-the-way sights only the locals know about. And we’re committed to sustainable tourism that boosts local economies, preserves land and culture, and keeps Bhutan thriving for decades to come.


Bhutan is a place for travelers, or those who want to be

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