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We love nothing more than getting to know you personally, and constructing a tour designed specifically to make your Bhutan adventure everything you’re dreaming of. The more we know about you, the better we can advise you.

Did you know Bhutan’s capital has a surprisingly vibrant night life? We know just the places to take you for a real sense of the local night scene.

Want to learn more about Gross National Happiness? We can arrange a special presentation about Bhutan’s approach to quality of life for its citizens.

Looking for a deeply spiritual experience? We can arrange for you to spend as much time as you want in some of the world’s most beautiful, Buddhist temples. You’ll be left alone for private meditation, or we can match you up with a Buddhist monk to guide you on your journey.

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Tour Itinerary Summary

How about winter trekking?

Hardly anyone goes trekking in Bhutan in the winter, but you know what? It's gorgeous! You'll have the trails to yourself, and your dedicated camping team will see to it your tent is cozy, and your trusty hot water bottle is nice and toasty in your sleeping bag.

Planning a special event?

Need a unique venue for a corporate retreat? Proposing to someone you love? Having a wedding? Running a film festival? Take advantage of our connections and knowhow on the ground, and take your event planning to new heights. Tell us about your special event, and we'll get back to you with a plan and a quote.

Archery lessons?

Archery is Bhutan's national sport, and home to some of the world's most skillful archers, including both compound and traditional equipment. You'll learn as much as you want, and spend as much time practicing as you like, with the help of a professional instructor. We can even stage an archery competition between you and your friends, with some Bhutanese "ringers" to up the intensity.

Bird watching?

Bhutan is home to an incredibly 680+ unique species of birds, and our bird watching guides know all the secret places to get the best vantage points to see and photograph them.


Vroom. Take to the Himalayas on two wheels, using either your own bike or a rental provided by Gray Langur. Our motorcycle guides know the trails and roads like the backs of their hands. Bhutan's narrow roads and rolling hills are a motorcyclist's dream.

The list goes on!

Whitewater rafting, dinner with local entrepreneurs, private astrology readings from a Bhutanese monk, dinner events in a private nunnery, cooking classes, guided meditation, yoga retreats, massages... There's no end to the adventures and memorable experiences on offer in the Dragon Kingdom.


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